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Who we are

We educate and coach entrepreneurs to build a high performing business.

The Business Builder Academy is a peer to peer learning program designed by The Covenant Group that utilizes all the ways in which adults learn: self-study, reflection, coaching sessions, workshops, and applied learning.

Our clients come from varied backgrounds. They are entrepreneurial and achievement oriented. We have worked with Financial Services Professionals, Entrepreneurs and people who are self-employed.

The common theme that connects Business Builder Academy participants is that they want to grow their business. They are elite entrepreneurs and professionals who are lifelong learners, generous of spirit, achievement oriented, and desirous of continuing to grow personally and professionally.

The Covenant Group is a leader in enhancing entrepreneurial performance to grow revenue and profitability through planning, preparing, executing, and measuring. We show clients how to achieve and sustain peak performance with our unique planning process for the critical areas of business:

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Your planning process will make decision making easier and make you more effective. As a result, you will experience significant growth while your profit grow at an even greater rate.

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Aligning strategy with your business structure begins with your organizational chart. It is important to clarify what functions you will delegate and which you will carry yourself.

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The systems and processes of marketing, sales and service are interrelated. Each of these when pulled together comprises the end-to-end experience you create for your prospective clients and clients.

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Financial Management is critical for the ongoing health and vitality of a business. Here you will look at the financial elements that will have to come together to ensure success of your business.



The best time to start growing your business is today.

People who participate in The Business Builder Academy are generally looking to make more money, have more quality time, reclaim the joy in what they do or achieve financial independence.

Our clients value coaching and peer-to-peer learning, two core-pillars of the program.

If you want to push a bigger rock, if you want to be around other high-performers, or if you want to make more money, then The Business Builder Academy is right for you.

What to expect

We focus on strategically building a business.

Through The Business Builder Academy program you will learn to:

  • Develop and implement a strategy to build the business that is right for you;

  • Implement a structure to enable you to work at the highest level of your capability;

  • Create a client experience that leads to profitable client relationships; and

  • Build your organization to create more free time and professional satisfaction.


PROGRAM Overview

The Business Builder Academy is designed for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to learn and grow.

The common theme that connects The Business Builder Academy clients is that they want to grow their business. They are elite entrepreneurs and professionals who are lifelong learners, generous of spirit, achievement oriented, and desirous of continuing to grow personally and professionally.

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three FULL day workshops

Three workshops each year provide a community of practice to develop, enhance, and redefine business strategies to effectively build your business. Each meeting is designed to address a particular challenge such as attracting clients, retaining clients, growing your organization, etc..

During the workshops you will work with other high-performing entrepreneurs and gain insight from their experiences. You’ll hear what’s worked well to grow other businesses. The workshop is led by an experienced facilitator from The Covenant Group to keep the group focused on key issues.


NINE one-on-one coaching

Each 30-minute coaching session provides an opportunity for addressing unique personal or business challenges.

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THREE team webinars

Following each workshop, one-hour team webinars educate a member’s entire team about the processes that can demonstrably increase performance.


Coach on the Go™

Year-long, 24/7 access to Coach on the Go™ - an online performance management platform providing videos, best practices, information and exercise leading to operational strategies to grow your business.

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client stories

We have worked with thousands of organizations – both large and small and across all industry sectors – to help them implement standards of excellence so that they can perform better, reduce risk, and achieve sustainable growth.

Here's a selection of clients we've worked with and the benefits they've gained. Find out how you too can benefit from The Business Builder Academy.



Meet Dean

Meet Jason

Meet Vince

Case Studies


Annette Hammortree has always been a successful professional. As the breadwinner of her family she has seen a lot of success in her life and career. Eventually, success became a double edged sword. She has been in the business for over 30 years and is considered to be in the top 1% of performers in her industry.

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Frank Pizzimenti is a Toronto based criminal lawyer. When he was first introduced to The Covenant Group, he had just made a transition into the field of financial services. Frank thought that by changing his career to become a financial advisor, he would be able to make a lot more money. After some time, it became clear that Frank was merely interested in financial services. He realized that what he really needed was to take what he was learning about building a business from The Covenant Group (TCG) and apply that to his legal practice.

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Harman Mangat is the co-founder of Simply Wellness. Simply Wellness is an integrated healthcare company whose mission is to improve the delivery of healthcare to their patients. In 2014, Harman had a dental practice in North Vancouver. He had been running his practice for about 10 years, and had just acquired a second practice. At the time, Harman was not thinking of his dental practice as a business. He knew that the things that made him successful to date were unlikely to make him successful as he grew his operation.

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